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Register Now for the InformationWeek Valley View, our monthly live web TV show featuring some of the hottest companies, technology and people in Silicon Valley on January 25 at 4pm PST/7PM ET.

Valley View hosted by Editorial Director Fritz Nelson and UBM TechWeb Chief Content Officer David Berlind. InformationWeek Valley View captures the spirit of technology innovation around Silicon Valley and beyond, giving IT viewers’ insight into the creations and strategies of the hottest tech companies around. We’ll interview the most prominent figures in business technology, and ask the questions that you want answers to.

In this upcoming episode:

• Introducing National Field, a private social network that competes with the likes of Yammer and Chatter — essentially a Facebook for the enterprise.
• We will also be visiting with Sanjay Poonen, President of SAP Global Solutions, and talk to him about the company's moves in the cloud, about big data, and about mobile and the competitive landscape.
• As well as a deep dive into some of the interesting personal technology we found at CES.

4:00 – 4:05: Welcome, The News
4:05 – 4:13: National Field, with Edward Saatchi, CEO and co-Founder
4:15 – 4:25: SAP, with Sanjay Poonen, President and Corporate Officer
4:25 – 4:45: CES Roundup, featuring Basis, HP and Lytro, and a special online audience giveaway

All registrants will be entered in our prize giveaway!

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